Thursday, 13 November 2008


This is really just an observation, and a highly subjective one at that. To any die-hard ASP.NET traditionalist out there: This isn't meant as an attack, so don't take it as one.

I've been working on the ASP.NET MVC framework together with my buddy Steve for a while now and we've been trying out a lot of different things while getting to grips with this new (and much better) way of doing things. We've been trying to establish our own patterns for developing MVC applications, and while doing so we have experimented and written a lot of code, and very few tests.

During this phase of experimentation I truly came to love the MVC framework for its flexibility and elegance, but for some reason I had this nagging feeling that all was not well. It was a familiar feeling, too, and one that I associate specifically with web development. But I couldn't put my finger on it.

Then just a couple of days ago I realised what it was. We'd decided to start building in earnest, and using the MVC framework in anger. Nothing would be written unless it was tested. And after a couple of hours of intense controller-testing I suddenly realised that the uneasy feeling was gone, and in its place was a feeling of security and contentment.

What I'd felt before was the same feeling I always had when writing ASP.NET applications. Things just felt brittle and ready to break. I could go to any length in order to ensure that the application did what it should, worked like intended, and would fail gracefully - but somehow that feeling of brittleness never went away completely. I didn't have any tests, no way of verifying that I was still on the right path, the straight and narrow. And writing MVC applications without tests gave me that same feeling because really, I was no better off.

With the introduction of tests that feeling of brittleness disappeared and instead the application felt robust. Solid. Stable. Reliable. Add any number of synonyms. If you believe in TDD you know what I'm talking about.

I don't know if there's a moral to this story, but the realisation I had has confirmed to me yet again how correct it is to develop everything with tests first. There simply isn't another way.

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