Monday, 25 August 2008

Building your DBs with VS 2008 Database Edition

This is going to be a quick one, but I feel the database projects in VS 2008 Database Edition are worth a mention.

I've just set up the first database project for my client using VS 2008. The Database Edition of VS 2008 is an improvement on the database project extensions for VS 2005, and makes database development, maintenance, and deployment really simple.

The database project puts the entire DB schema into a structured format (either by schema or object type). You can easily add, modify, or delete tables, sprocs, constraints, functions, etc - and running comparisons of a DB project and a database instance (or between two DBs or two DB projects) is a breeze.

The DB project can be built, which means you've got full DB integrity checks at the click of a button. Even better, you can add the entire solution to your source control repository of choice, and include it in your continuous integration cycle. I set this up with SVN and CCNET, and now every single change to the DB is verified upon build.

How did we manage before?

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