Wednesday, 28 November 2007

iPod challenge

What's on your iPod? How many songs, albums, and artists reside inside its shiny little chassis? If you were to ask me I would only be able to answer the question in part. The fact is, I've got way more music on my iPod than I have ever listened to. So the time has come to find out what's on my iPod.

I purchased my trusty 60GB iPod in 2006 just before moving from Australia to the UK so that I could carry my whole CD collection with me. Since then I've added a whole bunch of new CDs as well, and the result is 9087 songs, or 27.5 days of music, all stored in my pocket. But I think there are entire albums I've never listened to, or artists whose songs remain unplayed but for one or two.

So, starting tomorrow I will be playing all my iPod songs in order from 1 to 9087. How long will it take me? Well, let's see. 27.5 days of music equates to 660 hours. I can, maybe, listen to four hours of music a day. That makes for 165 days of listening. Since I mostly listen to my iPod at work that's 33 weeks. Zoiks!

Maybe by July next year I'll be done. Wow - somehow I think I might not make it through this one, but I think it would be fun to at least try because there's bound to be a few gems and a few weird hidden songs on there. So, tomorrow I start. And I'll blog about it as I go.

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