Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Finally. Resurrection. Well, kind of..

It's 1:34am. I cannot sleep. Not for the life of me. Since my wife asked me to turn out the lights about two hours ago I've been tossing and turning. Not even listening to my iPod at the lowest volume setting worked (usually that knocks me out within minutes). So, since sleep escapes me I have decided that the time has come to get this blog going. That's why I'm sitting in the bathroom typing quietly so as not to wake my wife.

This was meant to be a resurrection of an older blog that I never got off the ground; That blog didn't happen because I didn't really have anything to write about, and I got lazy quickly. Hopefully this one will not suffer the same fate as I believe I finally
do have something to write about; my work. Well - not the company I work for but what I do for a living. So this one's for the .Neters out there. Well, I might post other things, too - who knows?

Anyway, as I've pointed out it is very late and I should try and get some Zs. But here's to Babel Lutefisk

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